Waterworks Waterbeds are made of high quality vinyl and we stand to deliver the best and beat any competitor's price and quality. We stand by our product 100% and you will not be dissapointed.


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Welcome to water works water beds
With the best quality mattresses and liners, The core of the Waterbed with Bigger and better reinforced seams. PDF Print E-mail

Waterbeds have four medical advantages over any other sleeping surface.

They are:

  • No Pressure points
  • Legs are elevated for best circulation
  • Heat relaxes and heals muscles
  • No dust mites


The waterbed mattress moulds to your own body shape and spreads your weight evenly. So with no pressure points you can sleep in one position for much longer periods, and you sleep more restfully.


We feel it is important that consumers are aware of the types of mattresses they are purchasing,Whether the mainly gold coloured mattresses(made in china)20 mil graded thickness vinyl,has been altered in anyway,so you can make your choice.The mattress has been cut open,fibres inserted,and resealedwith a big patch on it,which is fine as long as you the consumer are aware that's the end product you maybe choosing from other†retailers.

We only sell factory welded mattresses,22 mil grading vinyl,the thickest on the market with reinforced seams for a longer life and a better price.

CONTACT US for more info: 07 32842002

Great Support For Bad Backs

Probably the most frequent reason for the purchase of a waterbed is to relieve back pain. Waterbeds support your body evenly; so great relief for pain can often be achieved. The therapeutic warmth is an added bonus.

Warm in Winter/Cool In Summer

Waterbeds are thermostatically controlled to maintain a constant temperature. Nothing is more relaxing than a warm bed on a cold winterís night. And during summer, turn the heater down to keep you cool. Heaters cost less than an electric blanket to run.

Allergy FreeDust mites are a well-known cause for allergies.

Dead skin permeates foam or spring mattresses and provides food for dust mites. The vinyl water mattress is impervious to dust mites so allergy and asthma sufferers can sleep peacefullThe Australian consumer advocacy magazine, which promises trusted information for Australian consumers, also acknowledges this information. Read Choice Magazine's article about bed.